Business Opportunities

Building on our strengths such as natural beauty, mild weather, economic and political stability, a central Caribbean location, friendliness and a well-educated workforce, the Government of Antigua & Barbuda has identified Tourism and Financial Services as priority investment sectors. These are be complemented by Business Support ServicesEducation and Logistics.

Priority Investment Sectors

  • Agriculture
  • Diversified Tourism
  • Healthcare Services
  • Outsourcing & Specialized Services

The presence of the Antigua and Barbuda International Institute of Technology (ABIIT), and the cadre of trained and certified technicians being produced, represents a strength on which to build. Prior to regulatory and legal challenges, the number of sports-book and gaming operators in Antigua and Barbuda was testament to the quality of people and telecommunications infrastructure, which supported these operations. In fact, several thousand well-trained employees and a marked increase in commercial space were by-products. This combination allows for a resurgence of the internet gaming sector and for immediate upgrade to business process outsourcing.

Additionally, being situated in the “heart of the Caribbean”, the twin- island nation can further exploit its potential in logistics, business support and financial services. To complement and support these operations, the presence of several international banking institutions, in addition to global correspondent banking relationships, can facilitate operations in these sectors.

Additional Investment Sectors

  • Business Support Services
  • Education
  • Logistics

The highlighted segments reinforce each other in a synergistic manner. For instance, enhanced investments in segment-specialized education benefit the development of investments in tourism, health and wellness, business support and financial services. Additional investment in the health sector in the country would also entice more retirees to settle and/or have a second home in Antigua and Barbuda, fostering the development of more residential condominiums and time-share resorts. ICT training directly opens the possibility for technical support centers and perhaps software development based in Antigua.