Investment Facilitation Department

We open the doors to investors and guide them on their journey to investing in Antigua & Barbuda

Special emphasis is placed on investment facilitation, as the ABIA provides aftercare services and monitoring activities for already established investors. The World Bank’s Doing Business study states that Antigua and Barbuda is a suitable country for foreign investment, as it comes out 29th out of 183 in the category “Protecting Investors”.


● Assisting local investors seeking to expand or start new businesses.
● Facilitating the process of investors being issued investment certificates and appropriate incentives and concessions.
● Assisting with the removal of barriers encountered in the process of establishment, operation and expansion.
● Monitoring projects to ensure the benefits promised are delivered.
Phone: +1 (268) 481-1000
Fax: +1 (268) 481-1020
#9 Factory Road, St John’s, Antigua, W.I.
P.O. Box 80, Sagicor Financial Center