How to setup a company in Antigua and Barbuda 

Business Start-up Guide

Whether a small or large enterprise, business owners seeking to conduct business in Antigua and Barbuda must register their business. Below follow the easy steps to registering your business name”.

Watch this short video that takes you step by step through the business name registration process.

How to Register a Business Name in Antigua and Barbuda


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How to Incorporate a Company in Antigua and Barbuda


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All good business enterprises pay taxes! Proper issuance, collection and use of taxes keep the economy vibrant and healthy.

Whether you are a business or a company in Antigua and Barbuda, the statutory bodies to register with are the Inland Revenue Department, Social Security, Medical Benefits and the Board of Education.

Here is what you should present when you visit the various statutory bodies:

Inland Revenue Department

To register for your Tax Identification Number. Take along your Business Name Registration Certificate, a photo ID (preferably your passport), Partnership Agreement (if the business is a partnership), Articles of Incorporation (if the business is incorporated). After filling out the appropriate forms, you will be issued with a tax identification number (TIN).

Social Security

In addition to your Business Name Registration Certicate, be sure to take along your Social Security card, your passport and one other government-issued ID. If you are registering a company, please present the Notice of Directors and the company seal. e application form must be signed by the owner, a director, or someone authorized to sign on behalf of the director. Once registered, you will be given a print-out confirming your registration number.

Medical Benefits

Documents required to facilitate the in-house registration process are your passport and the requisite business license granted to ply your trade. Once the registration process is completed you will be issued with an MBS registration number and all relevant documents to facilitate the payment of contributions.

Board of Education

Take along your Business Name Registration Certificate and the Social Security printout with your registration number.