Why Invest In Antigua & Barbuda

Generous Incentives

Antigua & Barbuda’s corporate income tax rate is 25% and exemption from payment or reduction in the rate is allowed depending on the level of capital investment and number of jobs to be created in new investment proposals.

Skilled Population

Antigua & Barbuda has developed significant human resource skills in tourism, information technology-enabled services, financial services and construction. A network of colleges, as well as accreditation and certification bodies, ensures that skills quality meets world standards.

Safety and Security

Antigua & Barbuda is one of the most secure and safe countries in the Caribbean and compares very well worldwide for low crime rates and the rule of law. The country has little or no exposure to large-scale security concerns, such as terrorism, cybercrime, and money laundering.


Antigua & Barbuda has experienced rapid growth in its ICT sector, driven by major public and private sector investment.


Antigua & Barbuda is skilled in Business Process Outsourcing. The literacy rate is over 95% reflecting a consistent focus on investment in education.


Within the Agriculture and Agribusiness sector the country has seen success in recent years and the sector has good potential to develop further.


Tourism has traditionally been a major source of income and a driver of economic growth in Antigua & Barbuda, with a significant contribution to the country’s GDP.

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