Top Reasons to Invest in Antigua & Barbuda

Political Stability

Safety and Security

Robust ICT Infrastructure

Currency and Foreign Exchange

Skilled Population

Generous Financial Incentives

Well Educated Population

Strong Investor Protection


Here’s what some of our most successful clients have to say about us.
“The process was very, very straight forward compared to other Caribbean islands. I have a lot of experience developing (properties) in St Lucia, Barbados and other islands. I felt there was always someone at ABIA to answer a phone call and give you a clean, quick answer and expedite a lot of applications. We were helped from the onset. When we were applying for our concessions…Mr. Fields (ABIA Acting Executive Director) going down to public works himself to help get through containers that we urgently needed to hand houses over. We were helped from top to bottom of the process. It helped very much. Time is definitely money in construction and Mr. Fields was exceptionally helpful in that. He understands and has a commercial head and knows what has to be done and how quickly it needs to be done to achieve a target. I would say have a clear idea of what you want before you come in. I wouldn’t do anything without first sitting down with the guys of the ABIA team and working out what the parameters are, how quickly things can be done and the environmental climate. I would say get the ABIA involved at the earliest opportunity.”
Rufus Gobat
Rufus GobatManaging Director, Island Heights Limited
“I have lived and conducted business in Antigua & Barbuda for over twenty years. During that time I have worked closely with governmental agencies. You have to, in order to secure concessions and get the most out of your investments and our company has always had a great working relationship with the ABIA. They make the process simple and are very accessible. My confidence in the Authority was only strengthened with the acquisition of my new venture, Epicurean Fine Foods & Pharmacy. It was a vast undertaking and the ABIA supported us every step of the way. Whether it is the supermarket or my resorts, the individualized care and attention provided by their staff is without comparison. And I have investments throughout the region. It really is a one-stop shop for investors looking to expand, as I have done, or start a business. My advice for would be investors—get to the Authority, first and fast.”
Robert Barrett
Robert BarrettCEO, Elite Island Resorts
“Most of the interaction we have with them are related to the concessions we have had in place for almost thirteen years now. In relation to submitting request for the duty-free…it is very easy. “Most of the interaction we have with them are related to the concessions we have had in place for almost thirteen years now. In relation to submitting request for the duty-free…it is very easy. The concessions are a great advantage for the investment that we are doing on the business side of the company. It reduces some of the cost of many things, including construction. It has been helpful. It is something that we can certainly present to potential investors. They would appreciate that. Most of the time the new investor does not understand what the concessions mean, they think they are going to get everything for free. It is not like that but if you invest you do get some sort of savings.”
Patricia Gyger
Patricia GygerFinancial Controller, Jumby Bay Island Company
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